Uconnectpro Inc.

We are not consultants, we are your partners. Our 3D design, FEA simulations and top notch-physical testing methods will increase your productivity and brand equity.


Simulation Based Virtual Packaging Design

Effective usage of our novel simulation based design methodologies will enable you cut significant amount of cost and time, reduce your packaging waste and give you more time and resources on innovation. We are group of experts merely focused on Packaging. We are able to develop any 2D/3D Structural Packaging design and using our FEA tools, to simulate the expected outcome with high accuracy. Our virtual tests range from simulating key process parameters to end product testing before you even kick off any physical production. We will not only advise, we will be part of your team and develop winning packages together. Click here for more details on our specific capabilities and seek consultation.


Physical Testing of Packages and Materials

Non-representative test methods hinder root-cause analysis of technical packaging challenges you are facing at packing lines or shelves. Troubleshooting with trial and error methods will only result in spending huge budget and cause allocating a lot of resources. Our customized tests, designed and executed by functional technical masters in academia and industry and state-of-art equipment, will enable you to take informed decisions at early stages and troubleshoot issues effectively. Click here for more details on our best-in-class tests and develop your tests.