Virtual Packaging Design

Uconnectpro Inc.

Our customized virtual tests will enable you cut your development cost and time, giving you more resources to innovate and troubleshoot effectively. Right design from the beginning is the key to the successful launch


Blow Molding Process Visualization & Optimization

Plastics are extremely complicated materials. Even small fluctuations during processing will affect the outcome significantly. Our simulations will allow you to optimize your parison size, mold alignment and fine-tune your process parameters.


Material Distribution

Material distribution across your package will significantly change the strength of your end product. It is crucial in designing the right package weight and geometry which is key in avoiding failures during packaging transformations, at the shelves or consumer usage.


2D/3D Design

A structurally optimized packaging CAD study is very important before locking the design with your commercial teams. It can also be easily fine-tuned to meet your success criteria. A perfect design will always increase your productivity but requires significant engineering expertise.


Internal/External Pressure

Your final product faces not only various alternating environmental external conditions during transportation but also various types of pressures arising from product itself. Your design should take into consideration all those possibilities that may arise during the whole supply chain until the end of the shelf life.


Top Load

Top load test is probably the most critical consideration during your design stages. During the supply chain steps, your primary packaging is exerted numerous static/dynamic top loads from various physical sources. A weak top load means a a collapsed package when it reaches to the consumers.


Kinetic/Dynamic Analysis

Packages go various transformations at packing lines. Considering the speed and physical properties of your packing line, your design may not be fit for use at your production line. The consequences of late recognition will either cause lower productivity or redesigning both of which means significant money and time loss.


Drop Test

Main functionality of packages are protection. They spend significant amount of time at the shelves and homes of the consumers. They can be dropped on the floor at multiple occasions. The last thing that a consumer would like to see is a broken package after a simple drop. Our dynamic drop test simulations will give you a high level of confidence.


Leak Test

Which consumer would tolerate a package that leaks at any point they handle the product. We see your primary package design as whole including bottle, cap and product and obviously by considering all the pressures exerted during the full supply chain. Our simulations replicate the real cases very accurately and make sure your design is fit for use.


Squeeze Test

All packages are somewhat grasped several times during handling and usage. A weak design means bad handling experience that will impact your brand equity. On the other hand, excessive material usage will cost a lot of money to your company and is un-friendly for our planet. We will validate your package is fit for use.

We also offer customized virtual tests based on your specific need. We are confident to replicate most of your real life cases. For more questions and discuss your projects, simply fill out the form below and one of our experts will reach you to discuss further .

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