Uconnectpro Inc.

We are committed to develop sustainable packaging solutions from biomaterials and recycled plastic materials by leveraging our global expertise and resources in academy and industry in line with 2025 targets of major CPG companies.

We are a group of Packaging Experts committed and passionate to transform packages into planet friendly structures that will not threaten the future of the earth. We collaborate with experts in academia and industry to deliver environmentally friendly solutions. Packages that use just right amount of material, packages that can be recycled, designs that are optimised, materials that can be used multiple times within the scope of circular economy. We believe consumers, businesses and academic institutions need to work together to tackle this threat. We will develop customised environmental friendly solutions. Just define your objective using our form below, we will provide you free advise or lead your sustainability projects based on your preferences. We will always customise the solutions for you.

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Consumer Survey

Our consumer survey represents people from 25 countries across 7 continents. In the past, one of top roles of packaging was aesthetics, however, consumers now care on sustainability more than ever. We should not over-design the packages and use environmentally un-friendly materials.